My name is Katrina.

I had a hidden talent in me that I didn’t know that I had. When I was working at a daycare and took the children on a fall little field trip!! I took this incredible photo of this little boy.

When I stopped working with children!! I was pregnant with my bundle of joy and after I had my baby, I decided to go to college for photography and fine Arts. My professor said to me I will never forget!! He said that I had an eye that hes never seen in all of his years of teaching. I have such a very strong passion for photography and photojournalism. This is why I had a blog created. I want to not only share other peoples stories but business of all sorts and I have a list that people had told me they would line to see be written or just enjoy looking at. I have also worked with some none prophet photo productions, and Pets as well. I would like you the people to have such a joyful experience  that would be memorable.